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  • Visualize your 3D models anywhere, any time
  • 3D/2D streaming loads them up to 200x faster
  • Share any 3D model with a simple link
  • 100% web: nothing to download/install
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Storage 1GB 10GB
Max. file size 20MB 100MB
3D/2D streaming
Private files
Commercial Use
Premium support
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file formats are supported?
  • 3D file formats : dae, obj, fbx, 3ds, ifc, lwo, x, stl, dxf, ase

    2D file formats : jpg, png, tga, bmp, tif

    If you would like to use another format, please tell us in the Feature Request community forum!

  • What 3D editors are supported?
  • Only the file formats matter. If your editor can export to one of the formats listed above then it should work.

  • Does in work on mobiles/tablets?
  • Minko has not been optimized for mobile/tablets yet. But it should work pretty good already on compatible hardware/software. We will soon release native applications for Android and iOS anyway.

  • What is the minimum hardware/software configuration?
  • You need an HTML5/WebGL compatible Web browser: IE11+, Chrome 18+, Safari 8+, Firefox 22+ or Opera 15+. You can test your configuration by going to

  • Can I use a free account for commercial purposes?
  • No. You have to sign up for a paid for account if you want to use Minko for commercial purposes.

  • How can I give feedback and ask for new features?
  • Please post in the Feature Request community forum.

  • How can I tune/edit my 3D models once they are online?
  • We will soon provide an online 3D editor to customize many aspects of your 3D models and how they are presented. Stay tuned!

  • What parts are proprietary/open source?
  • The developer tools (the Minko engine and its plugins) are free and open source. Everything else is proprietary.

  • I’m a developer. Can I create/sell commercial apps with your SDK?
  • Yes.

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