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  • Share your 3D models up to 200x faster.
  • Explore your 3D models without downloading/installing anything.
  • Collaborate with your business partners/clients with intuitive 3D annotations.
  • Search within complex 3D models for maximum efficiency.
  • Inspect all the metadata of your 3D models.
  • Filter to get just the right views for your needs.

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Minko lets you share your 3D models and collaborate on them thanks to powerful and intuitive 3D cloud technology.

Enhance your skill set with 3D

  • Project Management

    Integrate your 3D models into your intranet, facilitate collaborative work, manage your teams more efficiently with the 3D avatar of the project or product.

  • Training

    Captivate your teams with immersive 3D content integrated into your LMS.

  • Documentation

    Combine documentation and 3D models to create a more unique and intuitive single data repository.

  • Sales

    Online catalogue/showcase website of your 3D projects and client demos.

They trust us

Here are examples of collaborative projects which illustrate several aspects of our real-time 3D expertise.


You are an architect, contractor, construction manager, design technician, maintenance supervisor…

You need real-time project feedback through a single 3D model shared with everyone involved, immediate 3D rendering on the job in order to inform and sell, incorporation of all your 3D model metadata for coherent renderings and to integrate them into your CAMM, PLM and PLC tools.


You are a technical manager, engineering consultant, R&D engineer, project manager, on-site trainer, documentation agent…

You need to exploit your 3D models as 3D web training content in your studio and on your LMS, integrate your 3D models into your PLM/PDM/DMS and into your company’s network, make your 3D models available on different services via a single platform and encourage collaborative conceptions thanks to quick feedback on your 3D models.


Free Take advantage of all Minko features and share your 3D models with anyone and with no limits. Sign up now
49€/month Invite your coworkers and clients to collaborate and to give constructive feedback directly within the 3D model. Sign up now
Need something more custom ? On-premises installation, dedicated servers, brand communication, personalized maintenance, ad-hoc development… You name it, we’ve got it! Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file formats are supported?
    • Formats 3D: dae, obj/mtl, fbx, 3ds, ifc, lwo, x, stl
    • Formats 2D: jpg, png, tga, bmp, tif
  • What 3D editors are supported?
  • Only the file formats matter. If your editor can export to one of the formats listed above then it should work. 3DS Max, Maya, Revit, Blender have all been successfully tested.

  • Does it work on mobile/tablets?
  • Minko has not been optimized for mobile/tablets yet. But it should work pretty good already on compatible hardware/software. We will soon release native applications for Android and iOS.

  • What is the minimum hardware/software configuration?
  • You need an HTML5/WebGL compatible Web browser: IE11+, Chrome 18+, Safari 8+, Firefox 22+ or Opera 15+. You can test your configuration by going to

  • Can I use a free account for commercial purposes?
  • No. You have to sign up for a paid for account if you want to use Minko for commercial purposes.

  • How can I give feedback and ask for new features?
  • Send a message to our support team by clicking on the “?” button on the bottom right corner of this page or contact us by email.

  • How can I tune/edit my 3D models once they are online?
  • We will soon provide an online 3D editor to customize many aspects of your 3D models and how they are presented. Stay tuned!

  • Which parts are proprietary/open source?
  • The developer tools (the Minko engine and its plugins) are free and open source. Everything else is proprietary.

  • I’m a developer. Can I create/sell commercial apps with your SDK?
  • Yes.

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