NEW! E-mail integration for annotations
August 23rd, 2016

Being able to share your 3D models with your team and clients makes it easier to show your work and get meaningful feedback using – among other things – annotations. 3D annotations are great because every comment has context: a description, a specific point in space, a target object, etc… But it requires a bit more work for you because you have to jump from annotation to annotation to reply to every comment. Until now…

Introducing e-mail integration for annotations! Now, every guest and every contact you’ve shared the 3D model with will receive live e-mail notifications when anyone adds a new annotation. But it gets better: replying to such e-mail notification will reply directly on the corresponding annotation discussion!


And the best part if you have nothing to do! Nothing to configure or to setup: any sent annotation comment will land directly in your e-mail inbox from now on. And you just have to use the “Reply” feature of your e-mail client to contribute to the corresponding discussion.

Give it a try now by adding a new annotation to any of your 3D models!

NEW: Share your 3D configurations!
August 16th, 2016

Working together efficiently is very often about being able to show and see the right thing at the right time. We already made a big step in that direction by allowing you to share a direct link to any specific annotation.

Since configurations help you creating presets for your 3D models, they make it easy to create multiple views of the same 3D model and to switch between any of them. Up until now, you could share the 3D model and tell your team/client to select the right configuration. But things are even easier since you can now share a specific configuration directly!


To do so, simply use the share link available in the “Configurations” column. Each configuration now has a unique link. When opened, this link will display the corresponding configuration without any extra work! You can choose to share a configuration to guests, private contacts or publicly with anyone else in the world.

Open the “Ground Floor” configuration!

And remember: when you share a configuration privately or with a guest, tweak it live and all the other users will see the changes in real-time!

Share your 3D annotations!
August 11th, 2016

Annotations are an integral part of collaboration. They allow you to bring your 3D models to life on Minko, by letting you and your collaborators add important details that are crucial to the comprehension of those 3D models.


Since sharing 3D models is easy with Minko, the next logical step is to let you share specific annotations, which is now possible! Under each annotation in your 3D model, a link will appear. Send this link to your collaborators and it will open that specific annotation position in the 3D model along with all of it’s details. Be more agile and show the information you need to show!

Watch the Video: