Minko v0.11 released

Posted on June 11th, 2013 by Alexandre Cyprien


What’s new in Minko ?

We’re happy to release the new version of Minko. The main new feature is a particle engine fully integrated in the editor. It makes it possible to build piece by piece particle emitters, export them as a MK file and use them in your application with just a single line of code!

Here are a two examples used in Soccerpunch:


The editor is also updated; it provides a lot of cool features and fixes a lot of issues.  One of the main features is the introduction internally of the new plugin system of Minko. It allows writing plugins easily to extend the editor. Currently the embedded plugins are:

  • Physics engine, to rig your 3D scenes.
  • Particles engine,  to quickly and easily build complex particle emitters.
  • Sound plugin (alpha), to add 3d sound in your scene.
  • 3D simplification and compression for the MK file format to provide lighter output files.

The main goal of the plugin system is to provide – in the future – an adaptive and personalize experience of the editor to answer the best as we can your needs. The particles engine,  the physics engine and all the other plugins you’ll find in the editor are free public beta (for non commercial use only). And they’re likely to be a premium (paid for) feature on official release. Of course, you can contact us anytime to get a commercial license for your project.

Finally, the editor includes the last features of the engine like static skinning and the master animation controller.


The documentation has been updated to feature new content about the particles engine/editor:

New tutorials will be released in the next few weeks.


You can download the latest version of the editor in the Download section. If you’re already using Minko and want to update to the new version, please read the v0.10 to v0.11 update procedure. Of course, the sources are available on GitHub and examples have been updated with physics, particles and other new features.

Have fun with Minko!

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